#11 Interview with Scott Belsky

It is happening!!! On 4/15, I will be hosting and interviewing Scott Belsky for an hour as a kick off meeting of my org’s book club. Scott is the author of Messy Middle and our Chief Product Officer at Adobe. It was announced to ~600 people already. Expected number of audience on 4/15 is around 100+?

I am obviously a bit nervous about this. I don’t like speak in front of people especially at work. I put most of working hour into my day job. Messy Middle became a book for decoration in my hand, not for reading.

One of my friends advised ‘think of Scott as a child.’ What advice do you have? How have you overcome similar situation? Please pray for me.

Screen capture from here: http://www.danportnoy.com/2018/11/28/scott-belsky-the-messy-middle/