#83 - Dating tips (How to get the guy you like to like you back)

I liked listening to dating tips just for fun. I think those tips help basic human interactions, but mostly just for fun. A lady Youtuber said she had many failures in her early 20’s, but then she started studying psychology and dating to get better at it, and she shared a couple of tips. Basically she thinks women need to work on it as much as men do.

  1. Watch and observe - and try to find a spot (or a button) where you can nest in. One time she found out that the guy bites nail when he is anxious, so she positioned herself as a motherly woman.

  2. Find his interests and be the conversation partner but no need to agree on everything. When the girl found out the guy liked Tottenham Hotspur, she uttered “Dang. Liverpool game last night was cancelled” So the guy learned the girl is also a soccer fan. Especially a rivalry team of his favorite. Then, he has a topic to debate.

  3. Plan a nice & perfect date - figure out the guy’s preference, and plan out an entire date. (I think guys tend to plan this rather than a girl.)

I am so glad that I don’t have to go through ‘dating’ stage anymore as I know it’s really hard. Marriage gave me stability and focus in life. That said, if you ask me, what is important in dating?

  • I think ‘self-respect’ is the hardest and most important tips, especially if you like that person first and more than he does. As a woman, it’s super hard not to fall for too much since you will be thinking of that person 24/7. I would say respect yourself and try to care for yourself more will help you find right-balance in dating.

  • Lastly I truly believe God has someone stored for you. You’ll know when you meet that person. :)