#76 - Do you remember the first time you heard about 9/11 terror attack?

If you are over 30 years old, I guarantee every one of you will clearly remember the first time you heard about 9/11 terror incidents. I was in Korea and just returned to college after a year of gap year for a trip to US and Europe. One of my friends texted me early in the morning, “Gosh, you are lucky that you are back in Korea”. Living by myself renting a small room, I didn’t have TV or Internet at home. I went to school and finally watched CNN news on TV mounted in the hallway right outside of the English media/class room.

It just occurred to me that we all experience those historical moments we all remember together. Moon landing in 1969, Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989 (I didn’t experience these three events personally though), the first Black president elected in 2008, Economic recession in 2008-2010, and this COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place in 2020. Yes we will remember this unusual COVID time that we all will recall later in our life.

Speaking of which, will I ever see South Korea and North Korea united in my lifetime?