#73 - Phone the killer of our good time

We were going to do a take-out from Ad Hoc Addendum in Napa. The place was supposed to open at 5pm. We left home at 3pm. We started driving but John needed to stop by San Ramon. By the time it was five pm, we were one hour away from Napa. Still good timing. Day light is long enough. It was just John and me driving. Kids were with grandparents. It was going to be a nice drive.

At five, I called Addendum to order to-go fried chicken. Oh-no. It’s closed. Tried a few different ways to search again and again, but it all shows the same phone number and it all said closed. We made a change in our plan. We then decided to go to Bay Bridge. Any good place in San Francisco or anywhere else? Well with my tiny phone, I yelped and yelped and yelped, and called, called. We ended up deciding to go to Fire Wing in San Mateo since we know it’s open and we’ve been there before. I started trying to place an order. Their website is not working. Oh-uh. Eventually I figured it out. Pewh. We successfully ordered the food. We went there and grabbed the food. As soon as we came back to the car, we then started thinking about possible movie we can watch together. Another phone time. Search and search….a good movie for both of us to watch with this fried chicken.

And then I realized my neck is hurting. I had to say “STOP.” I wanted to enjoy the moment and this drive. I was looking at the phone for about an hour straight. Why was I wasting now just to plan for next 1 hour? Phone - the killer of our ‘good’ time.