#72 - Leadership is language

I am reading this book called Leadership is Language by L. David Marquet. From his Navy experience, he shares the importance of balance between deliberation and action. He warns about division of roles between management dominating the thinking/ planning/ strategizing and workers only responsible for execution. We need an organization that encourages people close to execution feel free to voice their concerns and let doers to be a deciders. To be honest, I was thinking David is bringing up an old thinking. We all know that, right?

But as I am reading the book, I do recall so many similar languages I have encountered as recent as a week ago.

  • ‘What would make you turn your no into a yes?”

Instead, we should say

  • “Is this direction we should go?”

The former puts the person on the spot, placing them in the position of blockers, with the implication that everyone was expected to get on board.

Some examples we should use

  • “What am I missing?”

  • “What would you like to hear more about?”

  • ”What could go wrong?”

  • ”What could we do better?”

Interested? The book has great examples I am going to use. Happy reading!