#68 Kindle vs Paper books

Do you prefer kindle or a paper book? Me? When my kids were babies, kindle on my iPhone was better because I can read on my palm day or night while I was watching them. However, these days? Definitely a paper book! Here is why.

  1. I can easily visually track where I am in terms of overall structure of the book. I realized on Kindle I often lose track of how the specific chapter I am on is related to overall picture.

  2. I like the opportunity to summarize (on my head) what I just read at the end of each chapter by quickly scan what I read in the paper book, but it’s hard to do in kindle.

  3. On a paper book, I can fold and mark on the book so that I can go back to important parts easily and quickly. I tend to have a better memory with what I recall with actual page reading experience.

  4. Paper book can be a nice decoration at home and in the office (when I used to work in the office.) lol.

  5. If there are more books I haven’t read still in the shelf physically, I get more motivated to read.

I know there are many things only Kindle can provide, but I just haven’t mastered its benefits fully yet. For the last two months, I have been wasting so much time and energy on Kindle since I couldn’t apply basic reading habits. Well this morning I just ordered the same titles but on actual paper!

What about you? Which book format do you prefer?