#68 Addicted to...

I admit whenever I start watching something in Netflix I binge watch and finish in a day or so. That is why I try to choose only two hour movies, rather than 12+ hour drama. I can count more than 10 times that I actually got sick by staying up too late watching.

One of the recent drama I started (and finished within a day) is ‘Never Have I ever.’ It is about an Indian American girl whose father died in her school music recital, but she keeps on going with her life. It is a comedy and guarantees good laughs. As a mom, such 2nd generation story in American school system is so fascinating to me.

By the way, have you watched ‘Tiger King’? Apparently it is the number one (in US) in Netflix right now. Share your thoughts if you have. ;-) Me? To be honest with you, I don’t understand why it’s the number one. Maybe it’s a cultural thing I am missing out?