#64 Newsletters I read daily

These days since everything I am exposed to is super personalized, I feel I am missing out important news. So I re-set the list of newsletters I would like to read daily.

  • TheSkimm daily email: friendly & succinct version of newsletter. I am a big fan of theSkimm. I am a paid subscriber. In its mobile app, there is a weekly hot topic audio coverage. It explains a lot of complex issues in just 10 min and under.

  • Linkedin daily update in my Linkedin notification: This is not an email, but I do go to Linkedin to read this. It is similar to theSkimm, which has top 4-5 stories max. Pretty short and sweet to be able to scan pretty quick. I like that there is conversations attached to each of the story.

  • Daily Crunch daily email: Focused on technology news by TechCrunch

  • Techmeme daily email: This was a hidden gem, which I strongly recommend. It is an automated catch-all news collection, linking to the original source of the story. It also adds the Twitter conversations to top stories.

Just discovered & signed today

What do you read or listen daily? Please recommend some for me. :)