#63 What questions will you ask today?

Owning the story of my life, my project, and my business (or the business I am managing) is getting more and more important, especially in my current role. However, it’s just so hard. I default to “freeze” when I don’t have a clear answer to tough high-level business questions.

Why is it so hard to answer them?

I think it’s because I did not ask myself enough of those questions. One of the hypotheses on why Jewish scholars receiving such a high number of Nobel prizes* is that they are encouraged to ask good questions starting at a young age. The more questions I get to ask to myself, the better my answers will be. I will then be able to perfect my elevator pitch.

Questions to you and me: ‘What questions will you ask today?

*Source: Nobel prizes were awarded to 900 individuals, of those at least 20% were Jews, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureates