#61 - A directory of top talents leaving Airbnb

One of my favorite CEOs is Brain Chesky, that of Airbnb. His story about how he found in 2008 and led Airbnb to this scale, The Upstarts by Brad Stone, inspired me to read about other start-ups and founders. What I gathered so far is that he seems to have charisma, humor, care for people, and endless growth mindset. Today I would like to write about his ‘care for people.’

Last Tuesday (5/5), Airbnb announced that it would let go of at least 1900 out of 7500 employees (25% of their workforce). A message from Brian Chesky shows clear steps on why the decision was made as well as some details on severance, equity, healthcare for impacted individuals. The content seemed very predictable until the section about Job Support. Yeap, the company laying off people will provide job support until departing employees help find next job.

This directory of top talents leaving Airbnb is one of those examples. The company is also maintaining Alumni Placement Team though 2020. Their main focus is to ensure the next employment for people impacted.

Transition is hard. Forced transition is extremely hard. At least Airbnb is thinking through the next step. That, I say, is the center of great culture.

I wish all the best for for people needing to find the next step, esp those under H1 visa.

This picture is from wikipedia.