#59 What meetings should I attend?

Just like many of you, I tend to have back-to-back meetings at work. Sometimes double booked, or even triple booked. One of great tips I got from my Sr. Director yesterday was about ruthless prioritization in meetings. Typical questions I come up with

  • ‘What is the value I am getting by attending this meeting?’

  • ‘Does it align with my key priorities?’

  • ‘Am I spending right amount of time to my big boulders?’

Above questions are already great questions, which I should ask more often. However, more important question I should also ask was

  • ‘What is the value the company is getting, if I attend this meeting?’

Probably the answers to above eventually converge to the same since achieving my goal at work means company’s benefit, but I think it’s another good angle that I should keep in mind.