#56 Another level of busyness

I am experiencing a whole new level of busyness these days. When I was single, I was able to afford to working long hours. At start-ups, yes I did work from 7am or 8am to 8pm during weekdays and some more during weekend. It was somewhat expected, and I didn’t mind.

Through different jobs I think I typically worked from 7am or 8am to 5pm except at the beginning of new jobs when I used work late. I am pretty strict about not working during weekends. Kids were small and I already asked a lot to my in-laws during weekdays, so I tried not to work on weekend. I was able to keep that till my current job.

This current role is at a whole new level. I start working as soon as I get up. (I am an early bird). I sometimes work in the evening. I work Sunday evening. I would call it… well I am still new to this role ( month 5 )?! Work seeps into my valuable time with my family and books. Love to figure out how to work less and still effective.

Starting point - cutting some meetings? For sure.