#54 Voices in your head

As we are growing up, we hear messages from our parents or caregivers. We also go through seismic events that form how we interpret our lives. Some of those voices might be ‘I need to work hard and do well to deserve respect and love.’ For many moms, ‘My kids should do well in school. Only then I am a good mom' For people in Korea, it is hierarchy in people. ‘People who are wealthier, better educated, older, and higher ranked are more important.’

In 2009 and 2010, I got let go from two companies. It was the most painful experience in my entire life. Clearly, I identified my self-worth in what job I had. Getting let-go experience made me feel I am so unworthy. I struggled a lot to find worth in me. Thankfully I found Jesus. I got baptized two days after I lost my job from the 2nd company.

Whichever voice you have in your head how much is that true?

This is a message I took from the Bible study last Friday.

  • It is good that you exist.

  • You are lovable.

  • You are good enough.

  • You are a joy.

  • You have nothing left to prove.

  • Your needs are a delight.

  • You are allowed to make mistakes.

God says it’s good. You are so loved and so worthy.