#49 Interview with Scott Belsky, the author of The Messy Middle on 4/15

It is done. I did it. Q&A session with Scott Belsky, the author of The Messy Middle and Chief Product Officer at Adobe, was one of most craziest and the most daring ideas in my life.

Well, the idea was scary but reality was not. Scott along with two guest speakers were super nice, and it was an engaging conversation. With God’s grace, the event went smoothly. I was prepared with scripts. There was some changes and modification in the middle of the session but I think it went well.

Context: my Sales & Go to Market organization is conducting level up initiatives in order to increase the engagement of the team. One of the ideas as a part of level up I proposed was Book Club. The program manager reached out to Scott and ask for Q&A session and he said ‘yes’. What an awesome ways to kick off a book club? I also reached out to a couple of people mentioned in the book: Will Allen and Eric Snowden. They all said yes. Sometimes you just need to ask.