#48 New recipes

One of my recent additions in my YouTube channel subscriptions is cooking videos. It is actually a great time to try new recipes. During weekends, thanks to little social gathering and kids extracurricular activities, I get to go groceries. Definitely, a silver lining to me.

Here are some of the dishes I (and my husband & roommate) made and enjoyed over the last two months.

  1. Tofu tuna pancake

  2. Eggplants + Vegan ground beef + tomato Pasta

  3. Fried Eggplant dish

  4. Beef Fajita

  5. Kim-bop (Korean rice wrap with seaweed)

  6. Mixed rice (various vegetables)

  7. Corn cheese

  8. Kashuala (I can’t find English for it)

  9. Spicy chicken over rice

  10. Fried tofu over rice

  11. Egg, tomato salad

  12. Tofu tomato salad

  13. Fried Shrimp, bell pepper over rice

  14. Salmon steak

  15. Beef curry

  16. Pineapple fried rice

  17. Hot pot

  18. Lemon chicken

  19. Beef steak

  20. Big Vegetables dish

  21. Grill cheese sandwich

  22. Egg souffle omelette

  23. Spicy cucumber side dish

All dishes are super easy.