#47 Surveillance and COVID-19

Yuval Harari warned us to be thoughtful about the decisions we are making now (link to the article). He pointed out government could potentially take more totalitarian approach of heightened surveillance, and it may lead to a choice between health and privacy. Most of us will choose health. Now should it be that way? Yuval mentions we can have both and need a strong leadership for that. I agree!

Google and Apple are working together creating an app to track (and help reduce) the spread of COVID-19. If someone you have come into contact within the past 14 days tests positive and notifies the app, you’d get an alert that you might be exposed.

Well-meaning technology may come into our lives much sooner than we think, and I am not sure if I am happy to live in this world to win better health or sad to lose privacy.

Picture from the article(link to the article)