#44 A song “Gethsemane” by Andrew Lloyd Webber

I have always admired Andrew Lloyd Webber. I learned him through Phantom of the Opera. I watched the movie a few times and musical performance in Las Vegas 11 years ago. Yesterday I rediscovered Andrew through this song: Gethsemane. Wow! It is by far the most challenging song for actors to sing.

Many of musical singers sang this song, and you will find some of the amazing performance. Each one of them had their own interpretation of the emotional steps of fear, frustration, anger, sadness, acceptance that Jesus went through the night before crucifixion. Here is the list.

Speaking of which, today is Good Friday.

  1. Ted Neeley From original movie Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

  2. Steve Balsamo

  3. Eun-tae Park

  4. Michael Lee