#43 30 Days plank challenge

Slack is such an indispensable tool these days amid social distancing. I see many random & fun-oriented channels keep getting created like #binge worthy tv, # question-of-the-day.

Recently, a few of my lady colleagues started this Slack chanel called #30dayplankchallenge. The idea is to do a plank consistently for 30 days based on the schedule (please see below). Of course, I took the challenge! I did all the way to Day 6: 1 min. One whole minute! I have never realized one min can be that long. That sore sore sore! Unfortunately I had to take some break.

Well, I re-started after some recovering time. Today is the Day 3 for me again!
Hay hey anyone else want to join me? wink wink ;-) Also, please share any fun slack channel names.