#41 Snowpiercer - First Hollywood movie by Director Bong

Snowpiercer is a movie about “humanity” inside a train at the Ice Age, directed by Bong Jun-ho. The movie stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Song Kang-ho. Like Parasite, this movie does show societal division between wealth and poor. As the group of poor people who lives in the back of the train progresses forward to the front section, we could see a stark difference of rich/poor setting.

Like Parasite, the ending of the movie twists assumptions I made along the way. Like Parasite, the ending of the movie doesn’t indicate who is better off or who is the winner from all of this. Unlike Parasite, though, this movie is really violent from the beginning.

Personally I was amazed at director Bong. He already had a wealth of connection before his four Oscars.