#38 Pain as small business owner

Many of you may not realize that small businesses are suffering greatly via Covid-19. John has expanded his dental business late last year; therefore, the fixed cost has multiplied, and then BOOM! Now we have this Covid-19 and closed the daily operation. Immediately, we needed to make multiple decisions just to survive. Do we keep the employees? Do we defer any payments? Do we have enough cash? Humor me, ‘Do you see cash’ was my MBA Accounting professor’s motto.

With that, the information is key. We heard that US Small Business Association(SBA) is now releasing several relieve packages to small business owners, one of which is Paycheck Protection Program(PPP). We hear multiple timings for PPP application. It was at one point next Monday and then moved to at 9pm yesterday, and then moved again to 5am today. John and I had to get up at 5am to ensure that we submit the application for it. But then the website crashed and not available till 6am.

Yes, we just need to survive.

I know God is in control in all of this.