#32 breakthrough in marriage

Last week I had the most important realization and breakthrough in communication with my husband thanks to our friend pastor Drew! I learned that I tend to give in easily in an argument just because I get scared of loud voice. My husband, on the other hand, tends to raise his voice, and expects me to push back just like ‘Jerry Mcguire’ scene. In short, we have been trying to talk on two different ‘playing fields.’

Now that we are aware of this difference, we both will try help each other. Nonetheless, I said a great breakthrough because my husband started to do more house chores like taking out of garbage(, which I wanted him to do more) and I am learning to be still and not try to toil all the time and enjoy the present(, which he wanted me to do more).

Learning to talk to each other is probably number one requirement for a good marriage AND believe me it is NOT easy.

God is good.