#30 Ich liebe dich

In my freshman year of high school, I had a really ambitious male music teacher who wanted us to memorize eight songs in their native languages during one semester. A few examples are ‘O sole mio’, ‘La donna è mobile’, and my favorite song to this date ‘Ich liebe dich.’ Most of students did not like the teacher and the songs at all. It was just hard work to pass the subject, but I LOVED all of them.

Since my voice was pretty loud, I would go to the center of 16-acre-Asian-pear-farm that our family was managing at that time. I would start singing one by one, and by the time I finished my last one to my satisfactory level, a couple of hours would pass by easily. It was me with the nature connected via my voice. The sunshine seeped through the pear tree leaves and it moved following the strength of my voice. In that moment, I was the world best soprano; dandelions, clover, crickets, frogs, and even earthworms were my special audience. It was then that I dreamt of singing ‘Ich liebe dich’ on my own wedding.

Did it come true? Yes. 15 years passed by. I DID sing ‘Ich liebe dich’ on that special day and completely surprised my husband. Unfortunately, God blessed me with wonderful family members who surround me all the time. I am never alone with nature anymore. I forgot what it was like singing. Just singing with the smell of wonder.

What is your childhood passion you want to re-connect to?