#19 Brand value and Covid-19

What is brand? What comes to your mind when I ask for names of good brands? Gucci, Google, Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, etc. Brand value increases when a company delivers its promise consistently and decreases when it does opposite. For the same token, some countries have positive brand value than other countries.

Covid-19 probably damaged the brand value of some countries like China. I am afraid Korea belongs to that group. I have been recently hearing how the movie Parasite and the music band BTS had billions of dollars of positive impact to Korea. However, this week in the office I hear people saying Korea when they mention Covid-19 virus. That sect church in Korea. Not so good!

Where are you all from? Or lived in the past or currently live? Are you excited about brand value of your country?

PS. If you are like me, you might be curious about Corona’ beer company’s stock price. Constellation Brands. Of course it went down, but the overall stock market is bad anyway, so it is not super useful data. I just found out that on March/2 the CEO mentioned its last four weeks sales increased by 5 percent. (OK, Coronavirus - not so much negative impact to Corona beer consumption)