#18 How was your weekend?

On Mondays, when asked how the weekend was, I usually give the typical answer ‘It was pretty good.’ ‘I took my kids to Tech museum.’ or ‘I cook beef using air fryer, and it was really delicious.’ I probably wanted to brand myself as a cool mom or well-informed housewife.

These days my answer is very unusual. I say ‘My husband’s pastor friend is staying with us, and as a result, my husband and I are starting to yearn the same thing. We started using the same frame of reference and same vocabulary and degree of importance in life’ Yes I am sharing a little too much, right?

I know it’s sort of awkward to share what is really going on. I think what answers you hear from me probably determines how close I am to you.

How much do you share with your friends and colleagues? Do you have many friends you can share unusual answers comfortably?