#16 Reading to relax

What is you favorite food that you know for sure not many people like or even tolerate? To me, it is Kimchi, Korean spicy marinated cabbage. I hated it when I was young. First of all, it was vegetable. It was also super spicy and stinky. When it leaks from the lunchbox in my backpack, its smell smears into my books and lingers for the rest of semester. Only after I left Korea, I started missing Kimchi. Now Kimchi is something I miss if I don’t eat for a while.

Just like my Kimchi, reading is an acquired ‘taste’. It is not like watching a movie. Reading is a complex task to my brain. Reading requires a real-time collaborate efforts from different parts of brain. However, after two weeks of busy schedule(, writing this blog) and not reading much, I started to miss reading. I can’t go without it for too long.

Now is the time I needed to ask my husband a help. Yes, I got granted FREE time I needed. On Sunday afternoon, instead of doing chores, going groceries and making dinner, I did ‘relax’ at a nearby Peet’s coffee reading a book for four hours. Can’t ask for more!

Now I need to squeeze groceries sometime during the week. ;-(

What is your favorite activity or food that you will miss the most, if you don’t do or eat?