#15 Being spontaneous

While traveling, I used to enjoy being spontaneous and meeting random people. In fact, that is the only reason why I enjoyed traveling alone so much. When traveling UK, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Canada, etc. in my 20’s, I got out of my lodging with an excitement of meeting new people. A detail plan? That is only for boring people. All I know was that by the end of the day, I am coming back to trace my luggage. With that spontaneous and open minded attitude, my trip was far richer and deeper.

After I settled down in San Jose, my life became stable and predictable. Especially with kids old enough to go to school, Saturday is typically spent to send kids to extracurricular activities & play dates, do week-awaited chores, and take a nap! Meeting new people and spending almost a whole day with them? Not so much!

That said, yesterday was special! I did something really spontaneous and ended up spending all afternoon hanging out at one of the Ethan’s friends’ house thanks to their hospitality! The bonus was that pastor Drew came with us and shared an incredible ‘His’ story, and of course it blew our minds! Wow. Wonder.

Now I like being spontaneous. Do you?