#10 Memory game with my 4-year-old daughter

What makes the top 0.1% students different from the rest of the students? It is self-awareness, an ability to tell what they know and not, and therefore allocate more time in studying what they have not yet mastered.*

I somehow thought I am pretty good at ‘remembering.’ However, whenever I play a memory card game with my four years old girl, she always win. (In order to win the game, you just need to remember two matching cards while flipping only two cards at a time.) She is really clumsy in that she flips the same card multiple times or flip cards so randomly. But either my memory has gone bad or I had a wrong assumption about my memory capacity.

I’d better start taking a note from meetings. What one thing did you learn about yourself recently?

*Perfect Study Methodology by Ko Young Sung, Shin young-Jun