# 60 What kind of mom or dad do you want to be?

Happy Mommy’s day. It is tomorrow. Please stop reading this and call your mom, or set an alarm clock to call your mom first thing in your mom’s time zone.



Now keep reading.

To be a mom is difficult, let alone to be a good mom. Fortunately, I have a great mom. I refer her as an angel to people.

I wonder what my kids will say about me once they grow up. Hopefully it’s rather positive: ‘She is a hard working busy mom but spending time with me when I need her’, ‘She believes in me and gives me hope’, ‘She respects me as an individual and guides me wisely when I need’, or ‘She prays for me relentlessly’ Wow that is ambitious, and I am definitely fall short of it!

How do you want to be remembered by your kids (or future kids)? Try to write it out. It will surprise you.